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Unlock Your Castle

Client Beck's
Category Creative
Date 23-Jun-2017

Beck’s was the main sponsor of 2017 edition of Electric Castle Festival. Furthermore, the biggest stage of the festival was named Beck’s Main Stage. Our mission was to sharpen the connection between Beck’s and music in online in the context of the festival.


COMA (Romanian rock band) was playing for the first time on the main stage of Electric Castle Festival.
We wanted to show Beck’s fans what a festival performance is about: gear, playlists, rehearsals, road trips, unexpected events, laughs and much more. So, we stood close by COMA in the weeks before the performance.

The result was a 6-episodes series published on Beck’s channels: COMA – Unlock Your Castle. We added an extra layer of fun by giving a gaming theme to the whole series. We saw band’s adventure as a video game, each level (episode) leading to the final boss: the live performance. Each episode had its own gaming references (badges/achievements). 
We concluded the series with a special live streamed episode with the band’s performance on Beck’s Main Stage at Electric Castle festival.