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This is living

Client Corona
Category Creative
Date 11-Aug-2017

Have you ever asked yourself how much time do you spend indoors? Because we spend most of our lifes in the office or at home, Corona wanted to encourage people to go outside and live moments that matter. So, we came up with a campaign that offered more than a message: it offered a real experience!


Our challenge was to inspire people to disconnect from the daily routine and reconnect to their essential nature. 


As Corona became the beer of the generation who wants to reach a balance between professional and personal life, a natural step for the brand was to encourage the discovery of new passions and activities that lead you closer to nature. 

Creative idea

So, we started off with a manifest video that would inspire people to go outside and reconnect with nature. And because we wanted to offer the consumer more than a message we continued with an activation that actually got people out of the office. At Corona Pop-Up Place they learned how to longboard, waveboard and balanceboard. 

Creative execution

This is Living Manifesto

Corona Pop-Up Place