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The most beautiful gift

Client Napolact
Category Creative
Date 19-Dec-2017

As the results of our last year Christmas campaign were a real success, this time we set a new challenge: to overcome ourselves. In a period when everyone’s competing in heart melting advertising confections, Napolact BIO wanted to make its consumers smile and offer them a surprising gift. But apparently, there are gifts everyone desires. Even Santa!


The challenge was to come with a disruptive Christmas idea that would set Napolact BIO as the best gift you could offer to yourself and your family. 


Obviously, Santa’s the one who brings gifts for Christmas. The tradition says that every child should expect him with a glass of milk and cookies in order to catch some strength to carry his job to the end. 

Creative idea

So we thought: what if Napolact BIO milk becomes the trigger for what happens next? What if Santa likes the milk so much that he’s willing to leave all other gifts behind? 

Creative campaign & execution

We created a video in which Santa leaves all the gifts he has to the child and takes in return ”the most beautiful gift” from the house: Napolact BIO milk.
We made the video in two versions, a longer one for online and a shorter one for TV. 
On social media the video was sustained by a dedicated content plan and a partnership with two parenting KOLs who offered gifts from Santa in return of Napolact BIO milk.