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Surprise Your Taste

Client Staropramen
Category Integrated
Date 01-Nov-2016

A beer-food visual experience that will stimulate all your senses (and will leave you so thirsty & hungry...).


Upon the launch of its new positioning and brand claim, Staropramen, the no. 1 beer from Prague, required a TVC that would convey taste and a different beer experience, with a main focus on the product itself. Also, the launch of the new digital beer-food pairing campaign was scheduled for the same period and a link between these two was desirable. 

Creative idea

Chef Foa is back in the Staropramen kitchen for an immersive multisensory experience triggered by the opening of the Staropramen bottle and supported, throughout the 30-second viewing, by the use of macro, slow-mo and spectacular food design. The ending reveals the fact that Chef Foa created 4 different beautiful dishes to match the full taste of all four types of Staropramen.


When a beer with an ultimate taste encounters food with a special taste and then they come together in a perfect harmony of the senses, you just know you’ve made the right choice. Surprise your taste with Staropramen!