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Stelea’s Glove

Client Bergenbier
Category Creative
Date 01-Mar-2017


Because of its special production processes that makes it a tasty and refreshing beer, Bergenbier’s main tagline for 2017 was “Refreshing Romania”. Our mission was to create a digital context to support this message and to deliver it in a special way.


Bogdan Stelea, one of the biggest Romanian footballers of all time, appears in Bergenbier’s TV spot drinking the beer with his goalkeeper glove – because of its refreshing coldness.

So, we thought to make the glove even bigger than it’s TV appearance and to turn it into a mandatory (and rare) accessory to drink Bergenbier, the most refreshing beer – because you wouldn’t want your hand to freeze on the bottle.

We introduced Stelea’s Glove with a video spoof that mocks gadget presentations. We checked every stereotype from a new smartphone launching video – the mat background, the dramatic voice, the slow-motion frames, the details’ scenes etc.

Just to make it even funnier, we added some extra texts on screen that were really the opposite of what the voiceover said. Of course, the glove was presented by the one and only Bogdan Stelea.

Stelea’s Glove was immediately loved and wanted by Begenbier fans. So, a few weeks later, we used it as an incentive for users to join our promotion campaign to win both the main prize and the glove (signed by Bogdan Stelea).


  • Video views: 915 K
  • Impressions: 19.700 K
  • Clicks: 75 K