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Simply Christmas

Client Napolact
Category Creative
Date 10-Dec-2016

When Christmas comes around, we all know that it’s a tough job to stand out in this crowded advertising scene. That’s why we created a video content project in which we invited Napolact consumers to see Christmas through another perspective: a child’s perspective.


The challenge was to come with a disruptive Christmas idea. The idea should align to the values of two ranges of the brand: Napolact BIO and Pur și Simplu.


The target of both ranges is made of moms who buy dairy products for their children.

Creative idea

So we thought: what if we shift perspectives and see Christmas through the eyes of a child? Rediscover the simplicity of Christmas – For children Christmas is magical and simple.
Christmas is a pure feeling of joy and excitement.


Creative execution

We created two videos in which we highlighted two typical Christmas situations faced by adults. The child got the things done by finding simple and fun solutions and enjoyed every second.