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One Day, I Will Become a Chef

Client Staropramen
Category Creative
Date 16-Mar-2016

The first inspirational and motivational digital mini-series in Romania created by a beer brand, following Claudia’s story of ’’becoming a chef’’ after winning the 3rd prize in the national MasterChef competition.  


In order to increase brand awareness and conquer new territories on the market, Staropramen associated itself with the MasterChef competition in  2015. A considerable investment the brand wanted to capitalize on, even after the competition was officially over.


It’s a fact that MasterChef fans are ’’sad & lost’’ once another season of their favorite pastime is over. So, we decided to make the most of the already existing resources (Staropramen had sponsored the 3rd prize in the competition) to give our target something else to look forward to.

Creative idea

A reality show documenting the first steps the 3rd prize MasterChef winner took towards finally accomplishing her dream, under the guidance of the most popular MasterChef jury. A road opened by Staropramen.

Creative campaign/execution

The mini-series benefited from:

  • one trailer and four episodes
  • photojournalistic documentation of the whole experience