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People & Tastes

Client Staropramen
Category Strategy
Date 01-Jun-2016

A platform for arts & culture powered by Staropramen. An urban digital universe whose mission is to enable more meaningful experiences for the consumers, by bringing artists and their work closer to their followers and viceversa, through substantial up-to-date editorial content, partnerships and owned productions.

The platform functions on 3 levels of experience – SEE, LISTEN & TASTE – and covers film, performing & visual arts, music and food. During some of the most important cultural events of the year, the platform also goes offline, through dedicated event activations.

The last couple of years, Staropramen has gradually conquered a new, valuable and exciting territory: culture. A territory which has, unfortunately, been neglected by the authorities for too long and which is currently thriving from the point of view of the quality of the work and the potential of the Romanian culture makers and managers. 


The brand has done so by providing support to some of the biggest arts & culture events in the country (such as Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Jazz in the Park Festival, Transylvania International Film Festival, Undercloud Independent Theatre Festival, One World Human Righs Documentary Festival, Anonimul International Film Festival) and by marking its presence within the whole range of cultural events through its products, on the one hand, and one the other hand, through specific brand activations.

Research has shown that the core target of Staropramen (30-35) values and is in a constant search for meaningful, long-lasting, substantial experiences. The big challenge was to make this one-of-a-kind brand initiative visible to its core target and to capitalize on this to a higher extent, by amplifying and providing even more relevant experiences to consumers, all brought by ''the beer that asked more from taste'' – which is the current equity positioning of Staropramen.


People & Tastes,  A cultural story told by Staropramen.

  • a content platform for the brand, driven by the same spirit and creative force that has always dwelled in the brand's DNA (originated in the great city of Prague)
  • an urban story -  for both creators and consumers - that covers the life choices one undertakes
  • a gateway to meaningful and valuable experiences whose objective is to bring artists and artistic universes closer to their public, by documenting, unravelling and enhancing new (or old, but still unexplored) cultural territories – the territory it covers is actually situated between high culture and the underground, with an emphasis on street/open-air events.

Creative Idea

The platform was launched with a presentation video that captures and conveys its entire spirit and essence and, at the same time, anticipates its subsequent development. The video was created by documenting the life, dynamics and vibes of 3 of the most important cultural cities in Romania (Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Sibiu).

The platform is built on 3 levels of cultural experience: SEE (film, photography, theatre, dance, art), LISTEN (music) & TASTE (food).
Every field covered by the platform is attributed to a curator – journalist/influencer/critique – and benefits from the support of several respected artists.

The Content

The curators generate weekly content to cover all the fields mentioned above (in the STARO RE/VIEW column associated to each of the 3 levels of experience). Moreover, content is extracted from the events supported by Staropramen (photo and video features, interviews, reviews & recommendations, live posting on Facebook).
In addition, the platform boasts its own video and photo productions, such as:

  • STARO VISUAL DOCS: an initiative for the visual documentation of the Romanian cultural scene.
  • ARTISTS OF... (ROMANIAN CITIES): a street photo project whose objective is to make debutant artists visible.
  • BEER, MUSIC & STORIES: an online show that brings influencers from a wide variety of professional areas face to face, in one of the most beautiful cultural spots in Eastern Europe.
  • STARO LIVE SOUNDS: a collection of live music sessions (jazz, blues, funk etc.), exclusively recorded and edited by Staropramen for the platform. 
  • CULTURETAINMENT PILL: an original podcast that brings to its audience every week's cultural highlights in the country, as well as literature and culinary recommendations.
  • MEALS IN LITERATURE: a photo-culinary project developed in partnership with Bistro Carusel, that brings to life and makes available to the wide public meals inspired by great works in universal literature.

Creative materials

  • Beer, Music & Stories, episode 1: