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intihna.ro Platform

Client Napolact
Category Strategy
Date 15-Sep-2015

An online community created by Napolact that links the authentic lifestyle in the heart of Ardeal, where the Napolact products come from, with the urban life and pace.

Dedicated to working moms, intihna.ro supports a more truthful approach to life, through original content generated both by brand ambassadors and consumers, according to 5 big areas of interest for the target: RELAXATION, MOVEMENT, NATURE, FOOD, DYI.


In the last years, Napolact was shifting its positioning from Ardeal roots and its long-forgotten traditions to a more contemporary approach. Our main objective was to create a digital landmark for this new positioning that integrates all brand’s efforts under a main umbrella and gathers around the brand’s values a significant community of relevant people.

Target: Urban, 30ish, working mums; coming from households with average to high incomes; living in medium and small cities. They focus on creating a cozy home for their family, offering them healthy & tasty food, enjoying life's simple pleasures together with the loved ones.


Insight: Stuck in daily stress/restlessness, the Napolact target searches any occasion to get in touch with nature, to live the authentic, to feel the true relaxation. They want to live the pleasures of a simple life without giving up the obvious benefits of urban living.

Strategic approach: Link the authentic and the healthy life/lifestyle to the urban life and rhythm. Creative Idea The new Napolact platform can be resumed, considering the brand universe, values, dynamics and foundation, in one word – TIHNĂ (Romanian provincial phrase for “relaxation”). InTihna.ro become the place where Napolact and its brand ambassadors create original content and consumers become content creators for Napolact, focusing on 5 interest areas correlated with Napolact values: rest, food, sports, nature and do it yourself.
Thus, we offered the target exactly what they we’re searching for: ideas and valuable information about how to relax and de-stress themselves by adopting an urban healthy lifestyle.

InTihna.ro is not only a digital platform that responds to our target needs, but also it acts as a brand hub for all Napolact efforts in digital and as a brand tool for generating engagement, brand preference & positive sentiment that actually generates lights leads and further will increase sales for Napolact.