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Host one to remember

Client Stella Artois
Category Creative
Date 11-Aug-2017

Do you know what makes a great brunch or what steps to follow when you’re preparing an elegant dinner? Through two video content projects, we wanted to inspire Stella Artois consumers to achieve perfection when organizing an event.


Host one to remember is a main communication pillar for Stella Artois. Our challenge was to create original content that reflects Stella Artois values (elegance and tradition) and inspire consumers to organise memorable events.


Regardless of its magnitute, hosting an event requires knowledge, creativity and a developed aesthetic sense. 

Creative idea

So we wanted to give consumers all the necessary resources when it comes to hosting. 

Creative execution

We created two video content projects. 

Host one to remember with Roxana Voloșeniuc 
In the three episodes of the serie, Roxana Voloșeniuc, known for being the chief editor of Elle Romania magazine, offers advices for organising festive events. 


Summer Party

Christmas Party

The 9 step dinner preparation ritual 
The three episodes of this project work as a visual guide for arranging a dinner table. Each episode combines the specific atmosphere of an event with the attention to details. 

Dinner with friends

Family dinner

Christmas dinner