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Give Beautifully

Client Stella Artois
Category Strategy
Date 05-Dec-2015


Position Stella Artois as a Christmas beer and activate the global platform in Romania. Until then, Stella Artois has lived locally through adaptations only. This campaign represents a historic moment: the first brand activation produced locally and in Romanian language.

Creative Idea

Emotions are the most beautiful Christmas gift - a short movie focusing on the non-material kind of presents, inspiring people to reconsider the overall materialistic approach on Holidays. 

Creative Strategy

The creative challenge of (any Christmas) brief is to break the most cluttered advertising landscape, also full of Christmas clichés: e.g. extended families with children, happy-clappy mood, carols and Santa Claus and Christmas trees, plus tones of commercial offers. Solution Tap into the target’s great need of emotional fulfillment, in an authentic and non-commercial manner. If Christmas is usually the loudest advertising bazaar, the intention was to make Stella Artois a most delicate storyteller.

Stella Artois’s approach was to present a whole different Christmas story, focusing less on the immediate Holidays reality, and more on thespirit of giving.


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  • IAB Mixx Awards 2016 - Best Video