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Easy for an easy going night

Client Napolact
Category Creative
Date 01-Apr-2016

A content campaign set to show the benefits of two products by placing them into a disputed consuming habit: the night snack.

Creative strategy

The two cheese products from Napolact - that claimed an easy and light recipe made out of only two ingredients – were perfectly to be savoured in the evening. We explored a disputed consuming habit that our forever-busy target had but were ashamed to recognise: the night snack.

The idea

To illustrate how easy is to prepare different snacks even when you don’t have much time at your disposal we developed a series of video recipes(12) prepared with these two Napolact products and filmed in stop motion to emphasize the easiness.

Alongside with dedicated content published on In Tihnă (the content platform owned by Napolact) we inspired our target to try the products and explore different ways to enjoy a simple yet delicious snack whenever they feel like.