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Cooling with a twist… off

Client Bergenbier
Category Creative
Date 15-Aug-2017

To support the launch of the new Bergenbier bottle with twist-off cap, we created a unique video spot that stands out from the rest of beer commercials.


Bergenbier is launching a new compact bottle with twist-off cap. Our mission was to support the launching by creating a video that approach a different target than the TVC spot – a younger one with shorter attention span.


We really wanted to make a spot that captures fans’ attention from the very first second. So instead of making a classic beer commercial, we created a more conceptual spot with eye-candy scenes that emphasize the tagline of the new Bergenbier bottle: Cooling with a twist… off. Our final goal was to make the user cool off just by viewing the ad.

So, we’re in the middle of the summer and everybody is searching for different ways to cool off a little. We wanted to narrow down the solutions to those ones that rotate - like Bergenbier twist-off cap.

We summed up ten of these methods (including Bergenbier’s new bottle) and we filmed them rolling. We also made some sound design work for user to experience the video both visual and audio – to really feel the coolness.

Ten spinning cool off methods, ten different filming locations, ten distinct types of sound recorded. Put your headphones, press play and cool off.


  • Reach: 265 K
  • Interactions: 45
  • Video views: 17 K