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ChefXperience 2016

Client Staropramen
Category Creative
Date 01-Nov-2016

An interactive video experience about food, beer, cities & culture, with four guest artists and two different perspectives the user can swap anytime: the story of the artist and the cooking process.


Given the success registered by the previous ChefXperience campaign, Staropramen decided to further associate itself with food, this time with no connection with the MasterChef competition. So, the ingredients we had to juggle with here were: Chef Foa, our endorser, the concept of beer-food paring and video as a core medium.


We chose to place the new ChefXperience in the context of People & Tastes, therefore making it accessible and relevant for a wider target. And we added an extra layer to it (arts & culture), by inviting 4 different artists, originating from 4 different cities, to join Chef Foa in the Staropramen kitchen. Along with their best life stories and their favorite receipes from home for Chef Foa to reinterpret to perfectly match the 4 types of Staropramen beer.

Creative Idea

An interactive beer-food experience with two perspectives.

Creative executions

  • A video series - on a dedicated LP - with 4 interactive episodes, starring Chef Foa and ...
    • Dorian Boguță – the actor and director from Chisinau
    • Mihai Dobrovolschi – the radio professional from Brasov
    • Aylin Cadîr – the actress and singer from Constanta
    • Dan Byron – the musician from Bucharest
  • Downloadable receipes as an instant reward for watching each episode and the chance to win a professional kitchen knife, through a draw. 
  • Dedicated articles on People & Tastes.