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Unlock your future song with Beck’s & O.C.S.

Client Beck's
Category Creative
Date 01-May-2017

After 13 years, a beer brand finally answered an iconic music challenge in a disruptive campaign focused on relevant content and brand experience.  


Beck’s, always a party starter, an innovator, a catalyst for great experiences and a supporter of great music and concerts, set its mind to continue its tradition of being present in people’s life for the 1st of May event. They wanted a campaign focused on the music pillar that will also include a BTL activation in Vama Veche able to distinguish the brand from the tons of activations carried on by nearly everybody.


Knowing that 1st of May is a battle for people’s attention, we figured out that Beck’s could not win this battle only by offering them the usual cold price cuts. The brand needed a campaign that would approach people in a natural and unobtrusive way and would establish a stronger emotional bond with them. A campaign that would also have a social impact under the new brand statement “Unlock your future”.

The inspiration for solving this strategy came from O.C.S., one of the oldest and still most popular Romanian rock bands for the past two decades that had an emblematic song in 2004 named ”2ouă Beri Goale” (2 Empty Beers), a song that pretty much summarizes party spirit in Vama Veche. After 13 years from the release, the song was still played at the Romanian radio stations thus maintaining it very popular among young people (18-35 y.o.).

Creative idea

But what’s so special about this song and what does it have to do with Beck’s you may wonder. Well, the original song chorus sounded like a challenge: ”I’ll give 2 empty beers for a full one / Who’s up for the trade?” (“Dau două beri goale pentru una plină / Cine se combină?”). Well, for all these years, nobody never answered this question. So, why not Beck’s be the beer brand that really answers this iconic calling and accepts the trade?
We partnered up with the band (OCS) and, together with them, Beck’s launched the “Unlock your future song” campaign with 3 phases in which the brand re-launched this emblematic song (under the name 2.0 Beri Goale / 2.0 Empty Beers) making it the new anthem for the future summer parties and also gave people the chance to trade 2 empty beers for a full one.

Creative campaign

First, Beck’s launched a teasing campaign on its digital assets to announce a surprise that will be revealed during the 1st of May OCS concert in Vama Veche.

Then, Beck’s organized a seaside concert where the band launched a new version of the song alongside with a cool brand activation that answered the song challenge: for every 2 empty cans inserted in one of the Beck’s collecting points people got a full Beck’s can. The fun part is that the empty cans were really recycled, thus making Beck’s not only a cool brand but a responsible one.

After the concert, Beck’s also launched a new music video for the song to capture the new 2.0 party spirit in Vama Veche. The song became the new anthem of the summer.

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