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7/7 Program

Client Napolact
Category Creative
Date 01-Sep-2016

A video content campaign that highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The program is consisted of three modules of exercises and healthy diet advices. Each module takes 7 minutes and can be done at home by anybody. The endorser of the campaign is Anca Bucur, winner of Miss Fitness Universe title.



Napolact BIO wanted to align with the brand’s newest education initiative for a healthy lifestyle: traiestesanatos.intihna.ro. The challenge was to make consumers more aware of their daily choices and impulse them to change their lifestyle.



In urban areas the concern for a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more visible. However, for most of the consumers, the lack of time is the main obstacle when talking about a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


Creative Idea

A simple program, that is easy to do at home and adapts to the time need of our target. 7/7 Training Program offers consumers the resources they need: physical exercises and nutrition advices.


Creative Execution

The program is based on three modules of 7 minutes, each having 7 exercises for different muscle groups. Anca Bucur, fitness world champion, is in charge with the training and motivation.